Tub/Shower/Tile Repair in Williamsport, PA

The tub and shower in your home see a lot of general wear and tear, and over time it can begin to show. After thousands of showers, blemishes, cracks, chips and discolorations start to appear. The Tub Surgeon is here to help make them go away, so you can get back to enjoying a clean, pristine bathing area.

As the foremost expert in porcelain bathtub repair in Williamsport, PA, I offer just about any service you might need to restore the allure of your tub and shower:

  • Reglazing: Restoring the protective sheen on porcelain or fiberglass is important in keeping it looking prim and proper for years to come. If your tub is faded or discolored, give me a call for bathtub reglazing in Williamsport, PA and watch me breathe new life into it.
  • Fiberglass Repair: Got a fiberglass tub that’s cracked or damaged? I repair cracked bottoms and cracks with the potential to leak and I make sure it’s not only structurally sound but aesthetically compatible.
  • Ceramic Tile Repair: I specialize in saving existing ceramic tile walls that are falling off the walls and I will do my best at saving existing tiles. Also, color matching is available.
  • Cracked Tub Bottoms: I structurally support tub bottoms with structural foam supporting 75 lbs per square inch. Color matching is available and all repairs under warranty.

Don’t let your tub continue to suffer from damage, discoloration or blemishes. Instead, let me apply decades of expertise to repair or refinish it to perfection. Call Tom today at 570-220-4918.