Porcelain/Fiberglass Refinishing in Williamsport, PA

If your tub is looking old and worn-down, or it has visible signs of damage like chips or blemishes, it might be time to think about tub refinishing in Williamsport, PA. Refinishing is cheaper than buying a brand-new tub and will look just as good—provided you trust a professional who can refinish it properly!

The Tub Surgeon has decades of experience when it comes to tub and shower repair in Williamsport, PA. I use a professional porcelain refinishing process that not only restores the appeal of your tub and shower, but also protects it for years to come. I’m better than any at-home porcelain repair kit you can buy and I don’t cut corners like some of the other guys out there. When I’m done, you’ll have a refinished bathtub that looks pristine!

Steps to the perfect finish

Restoring the appearance of a tarnished porcelain bathtub is no small job. It’s a multi-step process that spans over several days. When done right, however, the results are stunning. The basics steps of the process are:

The process takes roughly 72 hours from start to finish, mostly due to the waiting time that comes with the final paint and protect step.

The secret to my quality

The Tub Surgeon produces exceptional porcelain refinishing results that are a cut above the rest. How? Simple: I take the time and put in the work at every stage of the process. I know that every step is important and the finished product will be the sum of its parts—that’s why I strive for perfection every step of the way.

To see my exceptional results come to life in your tub, give me a call today at 570-220-4918.