Additional Services in Williamsport, PA

I may be The Tub Surgeon, but my full scope of capabilities extends far beyond just the porcelain in your bathroom. Take a look at some of the many other abilities I bring to your porcelain and other surfaces below.

Pool step repair

When steps become cracked or damaged, call me for repairs. I can match the existing style and color, erasing the damage and leaving you with a flawless façade. Plus, my approach to pool step repair in Williamsport, PA is more cost effective and permanent than having the steps completely replaced.


Got a tub that needs to be more than just a place to take a bath? Contact me when you want to convert a tub to a shower in Williamsport, PA! I’ll turn that tub into a tub/shower combo in less than a day, without any dust or mess. My transformations look natural and function flawlessly, giving your bathroom a new dynamic and an enhanced level of comfort and versatility.

Device installations

I handle the installation of both major and minor tub and shower fixtures and devices. Whether you’re installing a non-slip mat to prevent accidents or brand-new shower doors to raise the appeal of the room, turn to me for help. There’s nothing I can’t install perfectly!

More services

In addition to my many tub and shower services, I’m also pleased to offer a full scope of peripheral service capabilities, designed to bring your bathroom up to its highest levels of luxury.

My abilities include, but are not limited to:

When you need tub and shower services, trust the expert with seasoned capabilities and extensive knowledge. The Tub Surgeon is here to help. Contact me today by calling 570-220-4918 for more information about any of the above services.